Thursday, December 9, 2010

My lovely guy ♥

September 10th 2010

That night he phoned me, he said "hey! I bring something!! now you have to look out the window!". And I confused, while I looked out the window, it turns out he was carrying a large giftl! I was so shocked.In my heart is saying "what else?? huft .."
and I was out of the house to meet him, "what did you bring?" I asked, he replied "cold here! brrrr Could I get into your house?" he answered my questions with a smiling face strange !! *i hate that!

I said "So what now?" he and I sat together on the couch in my living room, "All this time I never give you a gift  .. so will I give this gift to you" he said,so I opened the gift and I'm very glad he give me what I want :)
i said "But .. this is too much", "You can keep it" he smiled at me. *OMG!!! I'M MELTING!! (*_*)

"Damn! It was midnight, I had to go home, ok?" he said while looking at his hands which show the direction of 12 o'clock at night. AND! in front of my house, he smiled at me when he wore a helmet *he came home with a motorcycle vespa purplish black and metallic*

I want to faint! when he suddenly approached me who was holding a gift that he give to me and he kissed my forehead!!!!!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWW!
And words that make me want to fly is .."Take care, ok? Tomorrow I'll come back. And do not cry if I did not come, ok?" he said as he looked at me

And you know why?
although he was looking a ordinary guy, but he has a strong desire, even though he was a son of rich parents .. but he would not arrogant.
he always took me to a unique place, and he ever said "I know all about you and you also know about me, YOU are the only girl I loved and that I protect in my life"
i still remember it >.<

I think .. he was handsome (maybe) and funny :p
♥ "When you're OLDER, you WILL UNDERSTAND"
*true story (myself)*

 I ♥ U 

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