Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Do not even think if I just stand by and not think of anything!
Do not even think if I only think of one thing!
I'm trying! I'm trying to bounce back to prove I was more than they think!
I'm trying!
I'm trying!!

You said if I have to prove the best, but .. you just stopped my steps to try to become what I want!
I'm tired of hearing your desire that I really can not do!
I'm not superhuman, I'm not a perfect man is versatile!
I still want to think about my future!
Too long have I waited for other people who do not promise for sure, they just want weird things to me!

I'm not the right person to become storage they desire!

Do not just judge me with your words are worthless! Do not underestimate the people who have been working on it no matter how small!
You are blind with their words!
You have been deaf because they whisper!
You've closed the entry of light into your heart!

And do you still expect me to follow what is said by people that stupid?
Once .. you think of my heart! Can you do it for me?
And can you think of me?
Only once .. I just want it from you.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Class 9F (2009/2010) *Part 2*

CLASS 9 F (2009/2010)

 *female students*

Ayu/Uya : she funny girl, she full of sense of humor :), but dont distrub her when she busy :) clever, she dreams of becoming a filmmaker and of course she wanted to be a movie player as well :D

Yenni : kind, diligent worship :), diligent worship, clever, and i really comfort beside her.. like a mother :D

Gloria :she genius :), kind, alwasy prepare, simple :) and lil bit chatty :p


Ismi/miiie : funny girl, she wanted to be a reliable magician

Hindun/Bidun/Hinhin : sometimes chatty, clever, funny


 Kania/Mba Kade/Kadut :very chatty!, maybe she kinda fat (sorry) but she kind *sometimes*

Bella/Nabil/Si Jangkung (myself) : naah!! i dont wanna write 'bout myself! bored with it!

Shalimar/Ade :She kind.. em.. sometimes she can be sassy (friends say) and she wants to be designer clothes

Inka/san cai : there is an incident, he was despised by classmates
I forgot what's the problem:) because I did not like the her arbitrary nature

Widya Suci : she really understand about muslim side :) very kind, mature thoughts


Citra : sometimes she can getting chatty :D

Dera : i think she cool *i dunno why..* but she can understanding me :D

 Rana/Nana : I think he's soft-hearted, polite, and smart, and kind

Hera :  she so cool! she does not live with her parents, she lived in boarding-lodging house, she kind

Restu : she kind, and speed to speaking :D

Amel : really clever!! (speechles!!)

Neng Cici/Arumi Bachin : she cant scream (i think)

Widya : GENIUS!! but remember! dont be arrogant!

Desy : she kind, and careful :)
*sorry about this pic :)

Evany : em.. i dunno! she kind :) then.. she kind.. and cute
(she dont need too much make up :))

 Ita :so.. chatty! but kind! :D

Putri : she kind, first time when i meet her when we 7 grade

Indri : sometimes chatty, she have really lot text on her phone! ooh go! :D

Nurul : chatty :) kind :)

Dea : she was often absent from school, I was surprised with she why she was always absent from school! weird!

Rega : sometimes kind :D sometimes she NOT!! sometimes she is hostile to me and sometimes she praised me!! its really wierd .

Tika : she got brown hair (like bule) she kind and had barbie eyes :D
she had bright hazel eyes

*sorry if there are mistakes :)

Class 9F (2009/2010) *Part 1*

why i used ENGLISH LANGUAGE? coz im a maker of this blog and im a maker of this posting!  ok! i know my friends not very well in english, but not all :) 

CLASS 9 F (2009/2010)

*male students*

Chandra : he fuuny guy, kind, fussy, complicated, but he always wants to look cool
>>when we was practicing drama in my house


Raka/Rakdut : he are gamer, u know! he know about computer, he know about anime, he know about game! but.. maybe he just lil bit cannot understand the studies :) keep study dude!!

Angga/Jamblang : he really funny guy :D kind and he can understand what girls wanted :)

Saepul/Ipul : lil bit funny, complicated, weird :) and cute *lil bit
>>stupid face (candid)

Andria : he so... TALL and thin :( but i cant guess him .. so hard to guess

Taufik : he's quiet, sometimes he uncare to me, but he he's look smart

alvit : he clever, gentleman, intrepid, assertive, and sometimes he can be selfish :)
**sorry 'bout this pic :D

Kendi : (not candy) i dont really close with him.. maybe he scared to me :(

Bhakti : sometimes he kind and carefully, but sometimes he not!!

Genta : he really full with sense of humor, but he can being wicked to the others so.. weird!

February/Febru taulany : he kind, cute *lil bit*, simple, just that.. and what i must sayin again???
>>When the drama started

Sandi/Kitting/Kambing/Hideung : wow! lots of nick name :) he kind, in class he sometimes being ridiculed with the others and I feel sorry for him :)

Dhani : he was ever exposed to gossip that he loves Shalimar .. wow! and he kind to me and lil bit weird but he careful :) *sometimes

Akbar/Abay : he look like bill kaulitz, u know BILL KAULITZ?? he lead singer of TOKYO HOTEL :)

Agia/Ndut : im not annoying HIm but.. he kinda fat **SORRY** but sometimes he kind to me and sometimes he not :|

Syahrul/Alul : he clever, he kind, and sometimes he uncare to me and he sometimes cannot understanding wat i said *maybe.. everytime

(Right) Acep : he had muscle :s and when he angry in our class he like a HULK .. scare the people :D *peace :)
(Left) Fian : i know him when 8 grade, clever, speed to thinking (genius maybe), sometimes he chat with me :) and he sometimes ask me some questions

Awal :i dont really close with him, my friends say that he is funny guy :) and i dunno about that :D

*sorry if there are mistakes :)

Class 9F (2009/2010) *Part 2* <<

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

♥♥ Happy Mom Day!!! ♥♥

Happy mom day!! *in Indonesia*
my mom thanks for everything you gave to me :)
untill today you still supporting me and my lil brother :)
I do not know how much I should pay my mother's kindness :)

"mom.. you're the only one who hugged me each time I fell
mom.. only you who can receive all the shortcomings of what I have
mom.. You kind of person who always finish my hair when I want to go to school
mom.. you are the one who always gave me the prayers for me to survive in any condition
mom.. you are the one that shows good things
mom.. you are the one who really understands what I want
mom.. you're still not tired of caring for me and my brother
mom.. I cant believe, now I was already 15 know and my brother 11
mom and dad always provide the best for us..."

I dunno what to write anymore .. I'm not one who likes to write poetry:)
  • this afternoon me and my brother clean the family room (my mother's favorite room)
  • and I pay for eggs at the supermarket, keep me and my brother bought fried duck and fried catfish (pecel lele) LOL :D 
  • and I pray for my mom to be healthy always and always successful and resilient care for me and my brother

 ♥ for mom 
from me and dzaki *my brother

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Who my inspiration today?

just.. simple :)

Julian Casablancas is GREAT!! he made song with RIGHT LYRIC :D its awesome.. u know, he made songs like what happened today or the lyric of his songs was like.. a really good QUOTE :) he really musicians who inspire me till now :) he made me open my eyes :p

"Sins is HONORING desire above what you know is RIGHT"
    from lyric "11th Dimention"

And i think.. my voice like him :D LOL!! nope! just kidding, but lil bit same :))

Shane Dawson!! :) omfg!!! he so.............. CUTE!!! and FUNNY :p
he so.. creative! :) shane shane shane!!! u really F*CKING AWESOME!!!! I LOVE U!!!
and u know, now I'm more talkative and often follows the style of Shane Dawson :p
but .. do not follow it all :
) noo!! kidding!  :D and more creative :)

 Sometimes he look very handsome *_*

and he always looking cute

*if u want to know shane.. his youtube account

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