Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Valentine's Day

14th February 2012 !!
  I'm not a hater of the valentine's day but.. i feel so awkward when my friends gave chocolate or gift or hug or kiss O.o to their partner, (are you jealous?) ahahha ! i'm not,
 The Valentine's Day just symbol of LOVE DAY.. i think :)

this is Chinese LOVE symbol

  And you all can share your love everyday guys, with your mom, dad, siblings, or your friends, or your pets  :D
Hm.. but what i should talking  about?
Aaah ! talking about the TRUTH of ME, okeyy  fine ! :D

~ probably i'm single, i have no boyfriend, and i'm straight, problem? 

  So ! forget about that, love love love... The Valentine's song is....

David Guetta ft. Usher - Without You

  And i don't know what should i do now, i don't think about how to have boyfriend.. because i really need to catch my dreams and i never care about another guys who likes me but i think it's too selfish -__- aah! forget that!

  But, sometimes.. i wan't it :s and till right now.. nobody tell me that he likes me or love me, maybe the boys at my school or the man/guy/male! in other place is scared of me because i'm look like a monster and i'm weird :'( 

Ahahaha! LOL kidding :p

and once again ... 
"LOVE is not limited by time, date, month, or year"

♥ i'm just imagine these guys date with me :D . . .





  And i believe someday.. someone will love me for who i am :)


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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Upcoming concerts in Jakarta 2012

Upcoming concerts in Jakarta 2012

1. Evanescence
  25 Feb 2012, 8pm - JIEXPO Hall A, Kemayoran, promoter: Showmaxx Entertainment

2.  A Day To Remember & Underoath
    9 Mar 2012, 7pm - Plaza Selatan, Senayan, Jakarta, promoter: Revision Entertainment


 3. Jessie J
   18 Mar 2012, 8pm - Jiexpo Hall D2, Kemayoran, promoter: Asia Live Entertainment

4.  Anthrax
     31 Mar 2012

5.  L'Arc-en-Ciel 
     2 May 2012, Lapangan D Senayan, Jakarta. Marygops Studios

      1st June 2012, 8pm. MEIS Ancol in Jakarta, Indonesia,  BERLIAN Entertainment and ASD (Asia Sports Development)

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