Saturday, April 30, 2011

I will never say never

ok.. tomorrow... SUNDAY!!! okey..
guess what! *on TUESDAY of this week *not today*
My teacher asked me to the painting competition .. OH GOD!! so.. shocked me!! O.o
Ya Allah..


#nowplaying Justin Bieber - Never Say Never

this song make me.. "I WILL FIGHT TILL FOREVER" 
lol.. what should i do???
i never had a competition before.. :p

>>Tomorrow :
7 a.m go to Pacinan st. (The first building of SMAN 5 CIMAHI)
then.. 8 a.m go to City Government (PEMKOT).. place of the painting competition
 AND then 9 a.m the competition will started !!

And i don't care if i'm win or lose :)
and i don't care if my paint is BAD or.. NOT HAVE MEANING
i will do what I CAN DO  C:

Ya Allah.. please gave me "ENJOY & CHILL feeling for tomorrow :)".. 
bismillah hirrahman nirrahim 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Kartini Day

Hidup ku..
Hidup ku ..
Mimpi ku..
Mimpi ku..

Dengan segala kekuatan ku..
Dengan semua semangat ku..
Aku akan berjuang
Untuk mimpi ku kedepan

Aku ingin..
Hati, mata dan jiwa terbuka . .
Dengan apa adanya aku. . .
Membuat mereka mengerti dan memahami

Aku hanya gadis kota
yang ingin mencari kemerdekaan hidup
Menginginkan juga. .. mengharapkan PERUBAHAN

"Seperti mencari mutiara diantara semak belukar"

Lepas dar kepenatan dan desakan dari gemerlapnya kota besar
Mencoba untuk lari dan lepas dari orang yang mencegah

Memang.. .
Apa yang aku inginkan tak selalu mereka ketahiu dan pahami..

Dengan segala kekuatan ku. ..
Dengan semua semangat ku
Berjuang untuk kemerdekaan hidup ku dan mereka

Wanita Jawa yang lembut dan berbudi pekerti tinggi
Kau membuka jalan ku dan mereka
Agar bisa menggenggam kemerdekaan kami sendiri
Agar kami bisa merasakan berbagai macam pelajaran yang harus kami hadapi

Terima kasih Ibu Kartini .. .

Terima kasih atas perjuangan mu..
Ku hargai dan aku hormati semua perjuangan mu..
Kau membuka jalan ku dan mereka untuk meraih mimpi kami..
Kau lah inspirasi ku. ..

Untuk ku.. Ibu ku dan Semua Wanita Di Indonesia :)

Karya :  Saya sendiri :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Hey guys C:
fuck up!

so.. i have been watch this video clip C: Till The world ends from BRITNEY SPEARS!
Yeaah!! cool C: but dirty :| but awesome :D

ARGHH!! finally!!! :| God gave me the answer.. :| forget that!

so.. what? Im still confused, for where i must going? for what i want to be?
its just like a loser.. (yeah.. yes i'm)

And just SHUT UP! my chicks and bitch classmate! i know you are short more than me, and you can do math more than me! ok just fuck up! of what you said, ok?
and once again! you will see! and watch! and see! and look!! look and see! who is bowing at my feet later!! >:D

I could be powerful like you! I could be be a dagger will cut you! so.. don't be LIKE a LEADER or MOST CLEVER in the class, bitch!
You wanna know her name? its NOT IMPORTANT guys! 

 lol :| I screamed like a lion in the classroom :| oh god! its so... silly! fuck up! .. stupid! why i do that?! and cry :| its not funny dude
 RIGHT NOW, all my classmate KNOW about my problems .. i mean.. my SILLY SECRETS!! or my painful secrets.. 

just save it ok ;) my classmates C: (SMAN 5 CIMAHI X-4)

ok :) all started from dreams :| weirdo :o 

bay the way.. i likes to screaming like a lion >:D not screaming like a bitch moaning :| stupid!
so.. maybe.. I'm still need someone to TAKE ME OVER HERE!! throw away my painful story! and bring me to your life!! naah!

Singing out loud, like a lion
Like a baby crying, STOP IT now coz i'm tired of them all
Singing out loud, like a clown laughing around

And i play a piano
no body look or watch me
I don't care
coz I'm singing now
I'm an angle of my tears
don't call my name

Just  taste of what you paid for
and they creepy out of me
like a stupid enemy, EVIL ON ME . ANGEL OF ME

Doesn't matter i falling down
Doesn't matter I'm bleed
All colour in my blood
All melody on my ear
All symphony on my brain
All pictures I've been seen

Different between us
IQ 111 do MATH all the day
5,8 feet Monster walking around their way

The monster hair closed the monster hair
with blue-purple eyes, the monster crying alone
And screaming like a lion

When all feels far and tiring
Someone give the monster a sweet candy
in his left hand is gravels
and he said "We will throw away this gravels TOGETHER"

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