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Only Hope

Day after day ..
People who I love left me
I just want you
I just keept this feeling until I die
I wouldn't say

Lost hope ..
I lost hope to see you again
I just hope

if you know
do you feel the same?
is it true that you love her more than me?

although painful knife sliced
despite the cold snow
although the heat of the fire
although the sharp words of you ..
I want you only

so many years I kept these feelings ..
such trash in my heart that are difficult to dispose
such as pain that cant be cured by anything

If you were mine
If you know ..
If you saw me here .. i'm waiting for you ..
just to see you today or tomorrow ..

I'm tired of always following you just to see you
I'm tired of waiting for you to say hello to me
I'm tired of all this painful story!

for what I hope for you?
I'm tired of crying every night to see you with her
I'm tired of waiting for years!

if you know all this ..
when will you know! Its hurts!!

and ..
So I lay my head back down
And I lift m…

Hey! You get KARMA!!

From WIKIPEDIA : "'Karma' is an Indian religious concept in contradistinction to 'faith' espoused by Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam), which view all human dramas as the will of God as opposed to present—and past—life actions. In theistic schools of Hinduism, humans have free will to choose good or evil and suffer the consequences, which require the will of God to implement karma's consequences, unlike Buddhism or Jainism which do not accord any role to a supreme God or Gods. In Indian beliefs, the karmic effects of all deeds are viewed as actively shaping past, present, and future experiences. The results or 'fruits' of actions are called karma-phala.[3] and. ...."

_______________________________________________________________ Simple it is .. if you do something bad to someone, then you will get a result of the crime.
so.. thats it :/

i have …

Japan oh japan

im speechless!!! :'( like a dream.. just like a dream.. tsunami in Japan yesterday -> 11th March 2011.. when i watching breaking news, and see the WAVES!! its creepy! oh god.. the tsunami japan 2011 :'(
and the morning, i wake up, i felt the tragedy its just like a DREAM O.o its feels like.. ever happened but its happened!! *you know what i mean?!* i felt its just DREAM!! like that tragedy is not happen but its happened.. "im weird!"
"Their high priority togetherness
Always cooperate
Always able to think quickly handle problems

Work hard

Mutual cooperation
Great spirit

They have the strength to move forward
They havegreatcourage Power of Japan!! Power of Asian!"


Hey there! hey guys!! :D Did you ever think "Your words already hurt me" ? OOOoo.. Everybody maybe already know that! yes!!!  im felt it a thousend TIME!!! Haha! sucks!! yeah.. your words bleed me  a LOT!!
LOL! my life is lot of pain! :D its not even funny! :/ im hurting then you never know it! and you just compare me with YOUR PERFECT FRIEND! and what you know what i felt today? or last week? or first i know you, huh??!!
Now.. you already know :) im just  "only hope" im just hoping that you'll be mine..  Ihaveacceptedyouas it is..
butyoudo notrealizehow much Iloveyou.. but..Iacceptthis..
(walkingdown the path,alone, crying)
do not youknowIwaiteda long timejustforyourself! *Only hope mode on* "onlygodknowswhatIthink only got knows what im must to do "
I think.. im a emo :p
thanks for everything (A) my friend :')
 i guess!  > Ari > Andy > Ali
> Adam > And i dont know!!


Britney Spears - Hold It Against Me


Life // Hidup

Life is like .. . life jokes
who fell ridiculed
who insulted trampled
same as to oppression
Joke for me and for you it's different

Your money and my money differently. . .
My house and your house is different

Can anyone stop this painful joke?

Life is. . . like a tree in the garden
When you plant me, I am with you always flush the water. . .
When I grow up. . you just take my property. .
When I try to survive
And I'm getting older .... You have the heart to leave me alone on the roadside
and beautiful place be a place filled with sadness ..

Is there a chance for you to change this situation?

Life is. . . choose! not chosen! and responsible
Life is hard if you think it's difficult
Want to fly and leave you a step on the ground

I just hope, jokes that actually make you laugh happy :)  it was me

Life is like your hair
When i grow long. you are proud of me
When I cut, you hate me. ..

Live with your own choice NOT other people

The path you choose is what has been selected