Thursday, March 24, 2011

Only Hope

Day after day ..
People who I love left me
I just want you
I just keept this feeling until I die
I wouldn't say

Lost hope ..
I lost hope to see you again
I just hope

if you know
do you feel the same?
is it true that you love her more than me?

although painful knife sliced
despite the cold snow
although the heat of the fire
although the sharp words of you ..
I want you only

so many years I kept these feelings ..
such trash in my heart that are difficult to dispose
such as pain that cant be cured by anything

If you were mine
If you know ..
If you saw me here .. i'm waiting for you ..
just to see you today or tomorrow ..

I'm tired of always following you just to see you
I'm tired of waiting for you to say hello to me
I'm tired of all this painful story!

for what I hope for you?
I'm tired of crying every night to see you with her
I'm tired of waiting for years!

if you know all this ..
when will you know! Its hurts!!

and ..
So I lay my head back down
And I lift my hands and pray
To be only Yours I pray
To be only Yours
I know now You're my only hope..

so far I reach out you ..
I tried to chase you .. and you're getting away and I tired to reach you..

Ok! that words from me :) yeah.. i kinda felt like that this week :( 
So.. what meaning of the pic "hear me now" and the title is "Only Hope" ?

>> About meaning of the pic is actually I was inspired by a song from Secondhand Serenade is "hear me now". The main meaning is *i just wanted you know about this and i wanted you hear me* so.. you know what i mean??

>> About meaning of title is.. haha! you know that!! don't ask me again about  WHAT MEANING OF ONLY HOPE! ok? C:

i wanna tell you something *readers :) if you felt like me or you feel only hope, is hurts! i mean.. I'm just keep this feeling for years!! till 3 years.. maybe 4 years!! you can imagine it?  Years with painful! say that you LOVE HIM!! or HER!! don't waste your time again for waiting something that never happen!!

em.. i think.. my feeling is gone for him :) HE IS MY 7 GRADE CLASSMATE ON JUNIOR HIGH :) 

Its long time :/ now i'm 10 grade, so.. i'm now! only hope with guy who far far away ! (not in heaven) but he in America. HEY! FUCK FOR WHAT I WRITE!! 

I wish.. he come back again :) huuft..  GOD!! C: ARGH!! I had headache! from last night (-_-) ok! back to the only hope story!! i just wanted to say (A) i really miss ya :) he said in email that he likes to talk with me coz im funny :/ *im a joke?* 

ok.. so HAPPY B'DAY (A) :) i hope you know that (A) is your name ;) WISH YOU ALL THE BEST dirty boy C: GOD BLESS YOU!! :*

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