Monday, March 7, 2011


Hey there! hey guys!! :D
Did you ever think "Your words already hurt me" ?
OOOoo.. Everybody maybe already know that! yes!!!  im felt it a thousend TIME!!!
Haha! sucks!! yeah.. your words bleed me  a LOT!!

LOL! my life is lot of pain! :D its not even funny! :/
im hurting then you never know it! and you just compare me with YOUR PERFECT FRIEND!
and what you know what i felt today? or last week? or first i know you, huh??!!


Now.. you already know :) im just  "only hope"
im just hoping that you'll be mine.. 
I have accepted you as it is ..
but you do not realize how much I love you ..
but .. I accept this ..
if she that you choose.

(walking down the path, alone, crying)

do not you know I waited a long time just for your self!
*Only hope mode on*
"only god knows what I think
only got knows what im must to do "

I think.. im a emo :p

thanks for everything (A) my friend :')

 i guess! 
> Ari
> Andy
> Ali
> Adam
> And i dont know!!


so.. guys! im so mellow this week.. :/ yeah..
and i delete him :D happy!! em.. not at all :)
ok! i know my english is NOt VERY well but (A) compare me with his friend who VERY well in english :)

because im indonesian :) since i born :D (what?) im used Indonesian language "Mother Language" and I can language Javanese and Sundanese, kinda easy :D (i mean im well with it.. em... no really :p)

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