Friday, December 24, 2010

Class 9F (2009/2010) *Part 2*

CLASS 9 F (2009/2010)

 *female students*

Ayu/Uya : she funny girl, she full of sense of humor :), but dont distrub her when she busy :) clever, she dreams of becoming a filmmaker and of course she wanted to be a movie player as well :D

Yenni : kind, diligent worship :), diligent worship, clever, and i really comfort beside her.. like a mother :D

Gloria :she genius :), kind, alwasy prepare, simple :) and lil bit chatty :p


Ismi/miiie : funny girl, she wanted to be a reliable magician

Hindun/Bidun/Hinhin : sometimes chatty, clever, funny


 Kania/Mba Kade/Kadut :very chatty!, maybe she kinda fat (sorry) but she kind *sometimes*

Bella/Nabil/Si Jangkung (myself) : naah!! i dont wanna write 'bout myself! bored with it!

Shalimar/Ade :She kind.. em.. sometimes she can be sassy (friends say) and she wants to be designer clothes

Inka/san cai : there is an incident, he was despised by classmates
I forgot what's the problem:) because I did not like the her arbitrary nature

Widya Suci : she really understand about muslim side :) very kind, mature thoughts


Citra : sometimes she can getting chatty :D

Dera : i think she cool *i dunno why..* but she can understanding me :D

 Rana/Nana : I think he's soft-hearted, polite, and smart, and kind

Hera :  she so cool! she does not live with her parents, she lived in boarding-lodging house, she kind

Restu : she kind, and speed to speaking :D

Amel : really clever!! (speechles!!)

Neng Cici/Arumi Bachin : she cant scream (i think)

Widya : GENIUS!! but remember! dont be arrogant!

Desy : she kind, and careful :)
*sorry about this pic :)

Evany : em.. i dunno! she kind :) then.. she kind.. and cute
(she dont need too much make up :))

 Ita :so.. chatty! but kind! :D

Putri : she kind, first time when i meet her when we 7 grade

Indri : sometimes chatty, she have really lot text on her phone! ooh go! :D

Nurul : chatty :) kind :)

Dea : she was often absent from school, I was surprised with she why she was always absent from school! weird!

Rega : sometimes kind :D sometimes she NOT!! sometimes she is hostile to me and sometimes she praised me!! its really wierd .

Tika : she got brown hair (like bule) she kind and had barbie eyes :D
she had bright hazel eyes

*sorry if there are mistakes :)

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