Friday, December 24, 2010

Class 9F (2009/2010) *Part 1*

why i used ENGLISH LANGUAGE? coz im a maker of this blog and im a maker of this posting!  ok! i know my friends not very well in english, but not all :) 

CLASS 9 F (2009/2010)

*male students*

Chandra : he fuuny guy, kind, fussy, complicated, but he always wants to look cool
>>when we was practicing drama in my house


Raka/Rakdut : he are gamer, u know! he know about computer, he know about anime, he know about game! but.. maybe he just lil bit cannot understand the studies :) keep study dude!!

Angga/Jamblang : he really funny guy :D kind and he can understand what girls wanted :)

Saepul/Ipul : lil bit funny, complicated, weird :) and cute *lil bit
>>stupid face (candid)

Andria : he so... TALL and thin :( but i cant guess him .. so hard to guess

Taufik : he's quiet, sometimes he uncare to me, but he he's look smart

alvit : he clever, gentleman, intrepid, assertive, and sometimes he can be selfish :)
**sorry 'bout this pic :D

Kendi : (not candy) i dont really close with him.. maybe he scared to me :(

Bhakti : sometimes he kind and carefully, but sometimes he not!!

Genta : he really full with sense of humor, but he can being wicked to the others so.. weird!

February/Febru taulany : he kind, cute *lil bit*, simple, just that.. and what i must sayin again???
>>When the drama started

Sandi/Kitting/Kambing/Hideung : wow! lots of nick name :) he kind, in class he sometimes being ridiculed with the others and I feel sorry for him :)

Dhani : he was ever exposed to gossip that he loves Shalimar .. wow! and he kind to me and lil bit weird but he careful :) *sometimes

Akbar/Abay : he look like bill kaulitz, u know BILL KAULITZ?? he lead singer of TOKYO HOTEL :)

Agia/Ndut : im not annoying HIm but.. he kinda fat **SORRY** but sometimes he kind to me and sometimes he not :|

Syahrul/Alul : he clever, he kind, and sometimes he uncare to me and he sometimes cannot understanding wat i said *maybe.. everytime

(Right) Acep : he had muscle :s and when he angry in our class he like a HULK .. scare the people :D *peace :)
(Left) Fian : i know him when 8 grade, clever, speed to thinking (genius maybe), sometimes he chat with me :) and he sometimes ask me some questions

Awal :i dont really close with him, my friends say that he is funny guy :) and i dunno about that :D

*sorry if there are mistakes :)

Class 9F (2009/2010) *Part 2* <<

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