Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Contemplating ..

I'm alive, I'm still alive and breathing .. and still can move to do what I want ..

I still sing even if you yell at me, and I'm still looking at blue sky

I still hear their voices, and I can still hear what the birds talking about ..

I could feel my mother's delicious cuisine
 But .. something like a lost, I do not know what it is! very confusing ..

If only .. I could "change your life",

I would always understand you .. 

Indeed, it is very difficult to make them understand our situation ..

Sometimes you are always doing weird to me, and I'm the oppositeIt is not important!

I asked what there was no answer .. It is very difficult to understand .. 

 question that there was no answer.. they said it was very silly and very stupid.

Yeah .. it's up to it! I just make sure, how many people who can answer questions that no answer and it's hard to explain ..

I want a concrete explanation, an explanation which really made me understand ..

But it is difficult to find people that crate

I was pondering all these things ..

I also continue to ponder .. what should I do with my question that there was no answer?!

Difficult to understand what they thought the road .. and I am confused by the way my mind actually .. It is very difficult to explain easily.

And I'm still pondering all these things ..

I will gather all my questions! And I will make them and you understand what I mean!

I know, you still do not understand, and remember! One day I will show the truth of all about the confusion that has engulfed me, you and them!

You can give the question "WHY??" To me

And I asked "why is the sky blue? Will it be light green sky?

And I asked "why the paper did not form a triangle??"

And I ask "why not tree-shaped box?"

And whether you and they can answer it?

I know it all is the fate ..

But behind that question, I harbored a sense of disappointment ..

Because you and they still can not accept people like me.

Is only the Lord who receives my shortcomings?

Are you and they can accept my shortcomings like?

Do you now expect me to come back?

Do you still think I like a TRASH??!

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