Tuesday, June 21, 2011

R.I.P Ryan Dunn ♥

 My Fav scane :) fake hair :p :'(
i likes his tattos :) 
he is HOT :p
and.. his COOL facial hair :3

oh.. god...
i'm speechless.. 
he is my fav guy in Jackass :( 
i'm so speechless .....

My fav scane :p

I'ts scare me :( ryan..



 " Probably not many people who know Ryan Dunn Jackass but for lovers of this name must be familiar. Ryan Dunn is rumored to have died after a car accident in West Goshen, Philadelphia.
According to news reported by NBC Philadelphia, Ryan Dunn was involved an accident on Route 322 in West Goshen, Philadelphia on Monday, at 3:30 am local time. So far the cause of this accident is not clear but sources say NBC, Ryan confirmed dead.
Ryan Dunn car crash photo accident
  Other sources had said that if Ryan Dunn was seen drinking with some friends, but so far no confirmation whether this is the cause of the fateful event. Reportedly there are witnesses who saw Ryan Dunn driving at high speed shortly before the accident. In the same car was also found other victims who have not been identified.

  In a short time, Twitter was the flood of condolences fan of Ryan Dunn. Music magazine, Kerrang, too condolences over the death of Ryan Dunn. “RIP Jackass star Ryan Dunn,” writes @ KerrangMagazine via Twitter.

  Ryan Dunn Ryan Dunn was born with the name Goofed on June 11, 1977. His name began to soar since he played in the series Jackass on MTV in 2000 ago. He had starred in several movies including Jackass 3D in 2010. Finally Ryan starred in Jackass 3.5, released on DVD and Blu-Ray June 14 last.
Hours before the crash, Dunn posted a photo to Twitter, by way of his Tumblr blog, that depicted him drinking with friends.
“Jackass” Star Ryan Dunn Posted Photo to Tumblr Hours Before Death
  An unidentified passenger also died in the crash. TMZ reported Dunn was the driver of the car and speed may have been a factor.

  News of the incident has caused Dunn’s name to become a trending topic on Twitter, as fans and celebrity friends tweet in remembrance of the star. Several Twitterers are also using the crash to tweet about the dangers of drunken driving — linking the Tumblr photo to the fatal accident — although the exact circumstances of what led to the crash are still unknown.

  Flickr user Eric Lewis posted the image below with a caption that says the photo shows what’s left of Dunn’s car."

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goodbye ryan dunn.. you're irreplaceable :')

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