Sunday, June 5, 2011


  •  What is that? 
Kneecap dislocation occurs when the triangle-shaped bone covering the knee (patella) moves or slides out of place. The problem usually occurs toward the outside of the leg.
  •  Why?
Kneecap (patella) dislocation is often seen in women. It usually occurs after a sudden change in direction when your leg is planted. This puts your kneecap under stress.
Dislocation may also occur as a direct result of injury. When the kneecap is dislocated, it can slip sideways and around to the outside of the knee.

Tall girl was had KNEE DISLOCATION?! HUH??

My left knee..  it's twice .. happened to me
NOW it's twice.. :(

 Here we go! go to hospital ;) with my mom :)

 @ Hospital Dustira

 I used this when in when I was in the hospital 
so.. creepy :s

And.. go home!! so.. sucks.. This is more pain than bleeding because of a fall

hey readers :) 
i have a X-ray pic, but .. my mom keep it :/
so.. it's 2 weeks ago happened to me :|
> see you next post!! :D
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I Have a new crush :p 
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Chical's said...

wah knp tuh? siapa yg sakit?
who is an accident?

Imagine Life said...

haha! siapa lagi kalo bukan yang punya blog ini :D

Chical's said...

Kok bsa? gmn crita'a...
YA sdhlah apapun itu cpet smbuh ea, biar bsa 'berkarya' lg... :D

Imagine Life said...

ceritanya panjang :D amin :) siap!!

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