Sunday, November 25, 2012

me and myself

Sometimes.. I curious about what people said, maybe they are talking about me? Really ? 
I don't really like with anyone who always make a group.. you know what i mean? But, i don't really give a shit about it.

Maybe i kinda stubborn or arrogant but i have a lot of question behind all my bad habits. I always want to learn something new and i really want to catch all my dreams, i'm 17 now, so.. i don't have a lot time again to ignore one by one my dreams disappear. 

Me and Myself, i should think twice again. People said that i'm too kind (really?) till i can't care about myself. I don't even believe that, because my mom said that i should help everyone if i were in the bad situation...

So right now :) NOT again :p
i felt so.. guilty :/

hm.. what else.. :| 

God, please set me free 

♡ keith moon | the who

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