Saturday, July 16, 2011

Free Writing!! ^.^

*What have you ever thought about your DREAMS when you as a childhood?
          I will tell you

 1. When i was preschool.. i want to be..a good painter.. but my paint is so.. UGLY AND BAD!
  2. When i was first grade.. same dream :) PAINTER.. but i used color pencils ..
  3. When i was second grade.. i want to be a good vet (especially CATS)
  4. But when i was 3rd grade, 4 grade, 5 grade, and 6 grade.. i have no dreams.. you know.. life crisis...

  5. I'M FULL WITH ENERGY! when i was 7 grade.. i want to be a LAWYER! to defend all people who need help~! lawyer who fair, honest, friendly  
and i won't to be a corruptor who always stealing other people's money in any way!

 When i told them *them is people who i loved to kill* 
about i wanted to be a good lawyer.. you know.. their response is "silence" with annoyed face! they think that i'm not worthed (worthed or worth it??).. it's make me down...

   6. When i was 8 grade.. i want to be a good melodic punk singer.. (i dunno.. my voice is good or not)
Sansan from PEE WEE GASKINS, he inspired me when 8 grade & 9 grade
 i want to be a skateboard player (even that i can't), and a drummer.. 

   7. When i was 9 grade, i want to be a photographer.. till now! my flickr>> 

maybe i'm cool in this way LOL ! and i want to be a indie singer.. like Julian Casablancas!! 

 Songwriter.. painter(still)..
vloger..! shane dawson :)

ok.. just that!

 my painting.. when painting competition and I'M LOSE!!!!!
 if you wanted to know :) 

this month :) i learning HANGUL = Korean Alphabet :D

so.. what your dreams when you as a childhood?? 
leave me a comment :) bye~!!

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