Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Study Tour to DJOGJA !

Study Tour to JOGJA
May 13th,14th,15th 2011
OK! We are ready GO TO JOGJA!!

We enjoy the our trip :) We playing guitars makes fun trip
Bored with guitar, then.. we played cards :> so.. fun !
eating snack when played cards
so.. boring.. LOL singing together? WHY NOT ! :D
WELCOME TO AKMIL :) (they are my friends) 
before AKMIL, we go to Orang Utan Resto for breakfast

My Teachers C:
before leaving The AKMIL
back to Orang Utan Resto for LUNCH :P
near the place of silver handicrafts, we take picture with Caucasians 
Here we go!! BOROBUDUR :D
Caucasian with yellow raincoat
So.. how? im weird, right??
.With my classmates X4.
On the way to Malioboro :D time to Shopping! before shopping, we had a dinner  @Mcdonald
Shopping at Malioboro :D haha :D Im only bought a batik wallet for my mother :)
after shopping! :D lol
with Mrs.Efi Puspitasari, we so... tired!
then.. we check in hotel (Sahid Raya Hotel) :) REST!! finally :)
 in the morning C:
Mrs. Efi Puspitasari
After we breakfast, we leave the hotel :)
before leaving the hotel :p in the bus
then, i bought bapia
On the way to KRATON
Dara & Iis bought a hat :)
With Guide :)
House of The King
i likes old camera
Dimas Rafli Putra Hermadi with Shorthest man
Rama Hadinata with shorthes man
so.. annoying (-_-") i hate this :(
me? with nude sculpture
But.. "Jatijajar Cave" is CANCELED
Mrs. Nani singing on the stage with Traditional song :)
Senior (11 grade) singing Dangdut, as well as closing the show :)

1 .. 2 .. 3 .. !! then.. we go home!! :D so.. TIRED!!

So.. guys, what you think?? huft.. I'm so... tired!! feels like fall from 6th floor!
right now, i had a flu, headache, AND FEVER!!! NO!!!!!!! O.o
i need to sleep :s bye !! see you next post!! :)


Chical's said...

kyk'a seru tuh, mampir k merapi tak??

Imagine Life said...

ya ngak lah.. jogja aj kita mah :D

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