Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year!!

*OhGreat!! thanks god :) i still alive till this year 2011, i dunno why.. i felt like i've been      made much mistakes.. feeling wrong :/
*You *reader* didn't know whats goin on with my heart.. nope! im not talkin 'bout "BROKEN HEART" or something 'bout "LOVE"

I just wanna do something that make people around me being happy :) but what is that?
Now! is 2011 my RESOLUTION is....

 1. Be better than the previous year *everybody wish it*
 2. I will try to concentrate properly
 3. Bay the way, i have NEW HAIR CUT! yay! *what i talking 'bout hair?* (_ _")
new hair :) with new braces :D
 4. I cant stop to sleep late!! OOHSHANE! please someone care 'bout me!! *forget that!*
 5. I will be a good friend for ya :) i will try :)
 6. I hope tonight i can sleep well :)
 7. I will try to make my mom*my dad pround of me :)
 8. I hope I'll be able to reduce my laziness
 9. I want my imagination to grow than 2010:) * that is, more creative *
10. I don't want be arrogant person  *but i kinda arrogant :p*
11. I wanna catch my dream :D be photograph then.. I will tour the world!!!!!!!!!!!
12. I want this year, I was more diligent .. i know, im not clever!
13. Hey!! NOW i used Braces!!!!! every year I wish it to used it :)
14. And I wanna have much friends!! *I do not accept people treasonous*
15. So.. i ever lost friends in 2010 .. like ...
         > ethan  
> ali
> ben
16. I wish. in 2011 this .. find or meet with person who can take me to a better direction  *I feel need help from person that* I do not care, the someone is female or male, young or old, because I need someone's help
17. I felt the pains.. i dunno why.. this year i felt like an emo heart :)
18. Wish me luck, god :)
19. I wanna stop this insomnia ! I CANT SLEEP!!!  ooohcrap!
20. Last number.. thanks *Keith* you really make me like new again :) (you know? his face like Adam Young ^owl city^)

I think .. FOR WHAT I AM WRITING HIS NAME? don't wanna public know this! 

*p.s :
 he not :/ make me like a NEW AGAIN!
 sorry, im wrong to write :p 

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