Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fly With The Air ...

Fly with the Air, Fly so easy ... Beauty of this world .. Without me .. They would never be happy .. Dreams .. Erased by the time, fly .. My dream come back. Fly with Air .. I'm jealous .. When did they know my dream? I was jealous with what they did. All Granted Successfully
Why it wasn't me?

My hopes were gone, I flew with the Air
break a wish, Fly with the Air
Ignore all pain in my heart, like a sculpture which they always keep it
My body flew with the air, let my dreams stepped

They said that something wrong with my dreams,
they tried to tease my goals

Erase the pain in my heart, Fly so easy
I wanted to laugh when I cry, Whatever I'm doing it wrong
Wash away these tears, I am jealous
Sacrifice themselves just to survive, To make them happy

Fly dreams ~ Leave me here

Fly, Join the air exhaust all the pain that buried for a long time
 My body flew with the air, When all my dreams come true? 
Life - Dream
They're ignore me, Running away from pain of my heart

"your dreams would never ever come true" they said.. 
just forget about my pain.

I've been keeping my revenge, Kill them
I lost my own dreams.. make them happy
Sad to see me like this, I'm so different

Throw away this pain 
throw away all of my dreams

Just wanted to make them proud, They were lied !
I'm different, so different.. 
They are easy to reach for their dreams, why I'm not? 
Fly with the Air, My body was disappear

The pain was still there
Sick, Belittled by them
and i can do that, But after i moved from there
they didn't recognized me anymore

Laughing over the suffering, That's what they do.. 
Hate and Shouted
All people support them, Fly with Air
And erase the pain of my life, I think they're good

I think they're loyal, They lie just to cover them
For what? Fly with the Air
Erase this revenge that I calm down
Should keep the effort not to be underestimated
 My body flew with the oxygen, throw away all the heartsick
Letting go.. a sense of passion, life is beautiful
 as beautiful as they want and make
I was taken by the air, let go of my mind
erase all of heavy loads, happened
erase me from the pain, see them laugh.. 
why it wasn't me?

sings a song to pull away my heavy load
disappear after the song and fallin' again
I know they are happy, I know they are happy
what am I here? they just simply be tough

~just fly with the air~

Friday, June 25, 2010

Who cares?

Who cares about me became like this? When they will understand?
Not always they are become the truth or pride.
Anyway.. I'm tired like this, they said I only load, Could only be trouble
What do they want? I'm tired of standing without any defense
I know they can buy anything with their money, I would not care !

Want to know what they are talking about, Want to get the words out
But they still do not care.. I'm tired.. I want to survive..
What's the point? They keep no matter what I do
Anyway .. I'm still considered to be nothing
They consider me a ghost, What do I care !

I know, they're great, has a genius brain
But for what I waited for them to teach me? When? 
I'm tired, Who cares if I became like this
They are happy with uproarious laughing stock and show money-their money
Just wait, I'm still waiting.

Who cares? People do not recognize the word "understand"
Life is different, I'm tired
And tired.. I can only watch
They looked at me with a view to figure out, That's it.. Who cares?
When they all understand? Who speak only their mouths!
No matter what I say!

They're still laughing, Exhibiting treasures and the genius of their brain
Who cares? I want to talk ! I want to act !
They keep blocking my goal
Who cares? and who cares?

I guess they are just joking, That's a lie
They speak with their genius brains, They are arrogant, They are geniuses
They are the ones under the control of the devil !
Proudly them, Arrogant people who are friends with them.

With a lot of their money, Who cares?
Be proud with your money?! Take pride in your arrogance that
I still don't care!? What is a pretentious rich kids,
Mothers and grandmothers big lipped angry old man!

Happy is now, They always lie, I know that
Who cares? Please feel free to say whatever they want
But I wouldn't care, I don't reply
Whatever they are doing, I know all! Who cares?

I don't expect anything from them! For what I expect from them!

The world is beautiful, What in the world they are a beauty
They are happy, They laugh, They're rah-rah
They didn't think about something in the hearts of the maids
They'll never remember, People who help them, Who cares?

They laughed at the suffering of others, They were forgetting What I have given, 
I'm tired watching them can only be partying, 
I know they have a lot of money 
Who cares? What should be the fight of theirs
I'm proud,  I was smiling

And it's to waste my time, They look at me like putting a smile on their face
I wouldn't care, I don't give a shit
They think I'm proud of them, It's a lie, Who cares?
I've never been proud of them, I don't care
They're blind ! Blind with their money.

They just cannot underestimate, I know they're more affluent
They were laughing and continue partying !
Have fun? With their luxury cars ?
I still don't care and Who cares?

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