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Fly With The Air ...


Who cares?

Who cares about me became like this? When they will understand?
Not always they are become the truth or pride.
Anyway.. I'm tired like this, they said I only load, Could only be trouble
What do they want? I'm tired of standing without any defense
I know they can buy anything with their money, I would not care !

Want to know what they are talking about, Want to get the words out
But they still do not care.. I'm tired.. I want to survive..
What's the point? They keep no matter what I do
Anyway .. I'm still considered to be nothing
They consider me a ghost, What do I care !

I know, they're great, has a genius brain But for what I waited for them to teach me? When?  I'm tired, Who cares if I became like this They are happy with uproarious laughing stock and show money-their money !  Just wait, I'm still waiting.
Who cares? People do not recognize the word "understand"
Life is different, I'm tired
And tired.. I can only watch
They looked at me…