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Musicians who will Concert in Early 2012 in Indonesia

The arrival of a group of foreign musicians to Indonesia still continues and the more crowded in 2012. Because of the tight schedule, the distance between the time the concert was getting closer. Is it beneficial or troublesome? Only the audience can decide.

  In January 2012, has been waiting for a line of foreign artists who will hold a concert in Indonesia. Not only in Jakarta, they will also be performing in several other cities. Here they are:

1. January 7, 2012: Scissor Sisters at the Hard Rock Cafe, Bali.

To watch the concert disco pop music group from the U.S., which popular with "I Do not Feel Like Dancin"
Just go ahead to buy a ticket for Rp 500,000 (presale). They say, a single from their new album will be released five days before their arrival. Organizers: Hard Rock Café Bali with Singapore-based promoter, LAMC Productions.

2. January 11, 2012: Foster the People at Tennis Indoor Senayan, Jakarta.

 Tickets pop rock group from Los Angeles bearers numbers like "Pumped Up Kicks" and "Houdini" is available in three classes with a range of Rp 398,000 s / d Rp 979,000. Promoters: 3 Ocean Live

3.  January 13, 2012: AJ Rafael at the Hard Rock Café, Jakarta.

AJ Rafael is one other example of a singer who started the careers of YouTube in 2006. June 2011 and his first album titled "Red Roses" was released. For his show in Jakarta, marks the entry of Rp 250,000. Promoter: StarD Protainment.

4.  January 17, 2012: Simple Plan in Senayan, Jakarta.

Ticket prices show pop punk band from Canada is starting from Rp 400,000 s / d Rp 1.35 million. Promoter: Live Concerts Big Daddy.

5.  January 18, 2012: Simple Plan at the Grand City Surabaya, Surabaya.

While in Surabaya, the band's concert ticket bearers song like "Welcome to My Life", "When I'm Gone", and "Jet Lag" is available at a price range of Rp 350,000 (Festival B) s / d Rp 550.000 (Festival A) . Promoter: Big Daddy Live Concerts.

6.  January 19, 2012: Katy Perry at the Sentul International Convention Center, Sentul, Bogor.

Ticket prices range from Rp 650,000 s / d Rp 2.7 million, but unfortunately now the tickets were sold out. If you are still wondering to see the singer of the song "Fireworks" and "Last Friday Night (TGIF)" is, maybe you can try to get free tickets through a quiz that was held by a number of brands supporting the show. Promoter: Ismaya Live, FM Live Production,  Sound and Rhythm.

7.  January 31, 2012: Rod Stewart at the Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta.

Those who experienced adolescence in the 80s era, of course wondering to watch live performances of Rod Stewart. Tickets sold at Rp 1.5 million s / d Rp 15 million. Promoter: Big Daddy Live Concerts .

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