Sunday, January 23, 2011


  Oooh! GREAT!! im not have any idea to write a post!! :/
yeah.. point is.. BORED! i dunno why, this year i always sleep late then wake up late! and probably its made my mom getting mad :| urgh!

this is video 'bout me and my classmates on middle school


  I had much of task! I had a lot of things that I have to finish! I had a unresolved issues from last year till now! (_ _")

  Sometimes .. I feel confused with myself
I can not choose what I want, I can not issue an opinion that I want to talk about ..
I can not change the attitude that I promise will change, but until this year I felt there was no change either in myself.

 and .. What I want now? I'm confused!
I think too much, and too long I did not move for a change

  I realized .. I'm not perfect and everyone was so
and I want to change and do not know how to!
I was confused to choose, I'm confused because of what people say is only hamper me for the better.

  I did not say if these people were "instigators"
but now I do not want any victory ..
and I felt weird because of it ..
I do not know what's going to win!
my life is slow, and no purpose ..
I like .. just follow the path of someone else!

  SORRY I do not make a poem! because I hate POETRY!
and I was confused to choose my path
because there are many options that should I choose!
I like people who do not had a purpose!

"Hey! Sir! i need some a PEACE"
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