Wednesday, December 22, 2010

♥♥ Happy Mom Day!!! ♥♥

Happy mom day!! *in Indonesia*
my mom thanks for everything you gave to me :)
untill today you still supporting me and my lil brother :)
I do not know how much I should pay my mother's kindness :)

"mom.. you're the only one who hugged me each time I fell
mom.. only you who can receive all the shortcomings of what I have
mom.. You kind of person who always finish my hair when I want to go to school
mom.. you are the one who always gave me the prayers for me to survive in any condition
mom.. you are the one that shows good things
mom.. you are the one who really understands what I want
mom.. you're still not tired of caring for me and my brother
mom.. I cant believe, now I was already 15 know and my brother 11
mom and dad always provide the best for us..."

I dunno what to write anymore .. I'm not one who likes to write poetry:)
  • this afternoon me and my brother clean the family room (my mother's favorite room)
  • and I pay for eggs at the supermarket, keep me and my brother bought fried duck and fried catfish (pecel lele) LOL :D 
  • and I pray for my mom to be healthy always and always successful and resilient care for me and my brother

 ♥ for mom 
from me and dzaki *my brother

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