Wednesday, September 1, 2010

the Taller girl change to "TALL MONSTER" :D *i kill ya!!*

okay my friends! how about my new nickname? "Tall monster" :D
yeah .. lil bit bored! why easy bored, huh? although there are still many things to be done by me ... be lazy! want to sleep! but not yet the hour ..
tired! school  .. when HOLYDAY? when??

actually, there's one thing not really want to! My new school *senior high school*,
well .. I do not know why ..
like a lump in my heart! hard to say .. but what?

I want to like them! they mean that anyone who feels! why I want to like them, because I want to be happy and excited for my desire and my choice ...yeah ..
This may be the best for me ... but ...
I will do my best to those who have underestimated me!

I'll prove it, that I was more than they have and they think!
they just .. makes me frustrated ...
but .. okay ... I'm still alive until now ..
fu*k up what they want to say!


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